Josh Rosen did something extremely special against the Texas A&M Aggies, and he did so without any warning at all. He led his team on a miracle comeback that featured multiple scores, multiple great throws, and multiple great decisions. He looked amazing even though he was not perfect, and we should applaud him for the work that he did to make his team competitive in that moment. The idea of Sam Darnold being the big name quarterback everyone wants lost a bit of its punch for a moment when Rosen became the darling of college football.

Rosen looked magical

Rosen may not look magical every week, but he can certainly look magical in moments that highlight his abilities. No one could expect him to be perfect going forward, but the world of college football could ask him to be special every now and then for our entertainment. He is a brilliant passer, he is poised under pressure, and he led a comeback the likes of which we rarely see.

Would the Jets draft him?

The Jets may turn their attention to Josh Rosen as they are probably looking at a lot of players who could be very good for them going forward. The kid is very good at what he does, and he should be available at the end of the season. His stock is rising, and he will have to hold onto that stock by being brilliant now, the rest of the season, and at the combine.

Many things could change before the Jets make their pick in next year's draft.

Did he save Jim Mora's job?

He may well have saved Jim Mora from getting fired, and that would be an amazing feat considering Mora has been named by many as their favorite to get fired this year. He is one or two steps behind Kevin Sumlin in terms of underachievement in the eyes of pundits around the country, but he has given his bosses a reason not to fire him before the end of the season.

He can point to Rosen and say that he has what it takes to get good players on campus at a school that loves basketball more than football.

Rosen has the spotlight

We will watch Josh Rosen with anticipation the rest of the season wondering if he will lead game-winning drives in the same way that Bernie Kozar or John Elway would have long ago.

He has the potential to do that on a weekly basis if his team gets behind because the defense is sputtering, and he could bail out his team from troubles that he did not even cause. To be fair, Rosen must cut down on questionable decisions, passes that seem to be a bit too close to defenders, and running that endangers the ball.