The NFL, in my estimation, has always been a unifying force for good in this country. Football has long been the pastime of many young Americans, no matter their color or even their sex. In fact, the NFL has almost as many female fans as it does male fans. What Donald Trump did, yet again, was to make it about him. He tried to use this unifying force for good in the NFL to instead bring more division within our already divided nation.

I think it is despicable. However, I’m just a lowly writer. Many more relevant voices have made themselves heard on the subject.

None of it has been favorable for Donald Trump. Lebron James has been very vocal about Donald since he became President. So, he naturally had some sharp words for Trump this time as well. And we all know how Donald likes words. The video clip is below.

Stephen Curry would rather not with this clown in The White House

Stephen Curry, who had been invited with his team to The White House had told reporters that he would rather not accept the invitation. He said he objected to the “policies and rhetoric” of the current administration. The next day Curry awoke to find that Donald, in typical petulant form, had rescinded the invitation. I doubt anyone’s feelings were too hurt by the retort.

In his tweet, Trump said that since Curry had hesitated in accepting his offer, he was rescinding the invitation.

Never mind that this sounds like something the spoiled little rich kid in middle school does when people don’t come to his birthday party, it’s simply unpresidential. But, that is also not surprising in this day and age and with this particular clown in The White House.

The Golden State Warriors support equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The Golden State Warriors made a statement that should be embarrassing to Trump.

It was a testament to free speech and equality. But, at this point in his presidency, I’m not even sure that Donald Trump knows when to be embarrassed and/or when to be offended. In the statement the Warriors pointed out that, “there is nothing more American” than what the NFL players did by taking a knee or what anyone in America does when they cry out to be heard.

They ended the statement with a nice jab at Donald which again highlighted the shamefulness of his support of white nationalists. They said The Golden State Warriors instead will look forward to spending their visit in Washington DC celebrating, “equality, diversity, and inclusion,” the values, they wrote, that they embrace as an organization.

I will be watching them closely.

Message to Mr. Trump. Moral confusion rectified.

Do you know what I find offensive Mr. Trump? I find it offensive that you would call torch carrying, weapon wielding, racists, “very fine people.” At the same time, It is disgusting to me that you would call men like, "Colin Kaepernick,” sons of bitches.”

Men taking a knee in quiet protest to that very type of racism and bigotry displayed by your so-called very fine people, are not "sons of bitches" sir! They are patriots. They are very fine people. You sir, are not.

For, though your words may be typically offensive for a spoiled, racist, rich brat of a kid, they are absolutely appalling coming from a sitting President! What is wrong with you sir!? As for your moral model for the NFL? I submit that if you were to own your own NFL team, they would be all white, and they would lose, a lot.