North Korea called the US Ambassador to the United Nations (Nikki Haley) a political prostitute. The American official was insulted by the Communist country because she stated that the Pyongyang regime is begging for war. The North Korean state agency described the comments made by Haley as hysterical. North Korea added that the US government would have to pay for this. The Communist country continues to develop nuclear weapons. Many democratic countries dislike this; thus, they want to impose sanctions to punish North Korea. A South Korean academic, Nam Sung-Wook, stated that the aggressive policy of the Communist nation is due to Kim Jong-un, the North Korean ruler.

The US has military presence in Asia

The verbal attacks made by the North Korean news agency take place after the aircraft carrier Uss Ronald Reagan left its port near Tokyo for a patrol mission. The USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Carl Vinson conducted military drills in the Sea of Japan in June. The United States is a key player for the security of Asia, and it cooperates a lot with Japan and South Korea. Trump has been very energetic with the North Koreans, and he has even talked about the possible consequences if they keep behaving this way.

A new nuclear test is possible

The Communist country may detonate a nuclear weapon on Saturday to celebrate its founding anniversary. Pyongyang has been developing intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The US President, Donald Trump, stated that it would be a sad day for North Korea if The United States has to use its military power. North Korea moved a missile toward its west coast a few days ago, and it took place at night to avoid detection. The Hermit Kingdom has fired 21 missiles this year, and on Sunday made its sixth nuclear explosion.

The North Korean regime stated it had detonated a hydrogen bomb.

Kim Jong Un has an aggressive temper

Nam Sung-Wook is an academic who ran the Institute for National Security Strategy. He has stated that Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, has developed nuclear ambitions since he was young. Nam stated that the progress made by Pyongyang is due to Kim's wild character.

Nam also stated that while the North Korean ruler isn't eliminated, this aggressive behavior will persist. The Japanese magazine Nikkei Asia Review reports that when the North Korean ruler discovered that his uncle Jang Song Thaek was planning a coup with the help of the Chinese, thus, Kim ordered to kill him.