Drew Brees is a hall of fame quarterback for the Saints, but he has not had a good season the past few years. There are many people who love Drew because they think that he can magically make the Saints good at any time. They think that Drew is capable of fixing the defense in New Orleans, and they think that he can pass the ball to himself. As good as Drew is, we need to be realistic about what he can do for the Saints. There is only so far this team can go as they play this Monday against Minnesota.

Minnesota is better

Minnesota is a much better team overall than the Saints.

The Saints have not been very good since they won their Super Bowl, and they have let their defense fall into disrepair. The offense has picked up Adrian Peterson, but that does not guarantee that they can score. The Saints have to have a place for Drew to throw the ball, and he cannot use a bunch of dump off passes in the flat to Peterson to win games. The Saints are the worst team in their division, and they will likely lose badly to the Vikings.

The Vikings have pieces

The Vikings have pieces that will make them better overall, and they can create scoring with their offense. They have a better defense, and they have slowly worked out a roster that is much better than it was last year. They may not get into the playoffs because they are caught between other teams that are very good, but it will be hard for them to lose to bad teams simply because there is a talent gap between them and a crew like the Saints or Colts.

Time to stop

No one said that the Saints should trade Drew Brees but they need to be sure that they have figured out how they will use him best in the last few years of his career. Drew is very old, and he cannot play forever. This team could easily have been formed around him properly had the Saints been a bit more serious about growing their roster, but they slacked off thinking that Drew Brees made everything right.

They were wrong, and they have the worst team in their division.

The Saints cannot recover

It is hard for the Saints to recover from big deficits because they do not have the passing game they need to catch up quickly. All the big comebacks that you see in the league happen because teams can catch up in a hurry, and they will pass the ball until they are back in the game.

The Vikings can do this because of how their team was built, but the Saints will lose games when they get behind early because they do not have enough people who will help them score. This could be the end for Brees.