The dictionary definition of a cult is an unorthodox religion where there is extreme devotion to the leader. Christians often say that a cult is any belief that does not acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior. In recent years, however, there are factions within the body of Christ that are being considered as cults because they have focused on the leader rather than Christ and are causing discord among the brethren.

Controlling people in the name of Christ

Those who have escaped from religious Cults usually tell the same story. They say the leaders brainwash them, isolated them from others and demand extreme devotion. This same methodology is being used today to control people in the Name of Christ.

I have been a member of and visited churches where sermons were about the pastor rather than the Bible or Jesus. And people are being taught to separate from other Christians who do not believe this false gospel.

New members classes in these churches teach how to obey the spiritual leader, and how to flow in the church building and were not about how to be a good Christian and follow the commands of Jesus. Ministries where the focus is on man and money instead of Christ, are chastised by mainstream believers as teaching Doctrines of demons and promoting a false gospel. Unfortunately, there is an increase in the growth of Christian cults.

Cults are growing in churches

These cults are growing and most often begin as nondenominational storefront churches where the teaching is on prosperity in the earth, rather than preparing for the afterlife.

Members are taught to obey and never question their leaders and to not let others talk about their pastor or their church. This is why more has been said regarding the reason Fred Price Jr. stepping down from Crenshaw Christian Center. The members have a loyalty to the person in the pulpit more so than they do to Christ Himself.

If your church is teaching you more about how to give the first family a carefree financially lucrative life, than being a humble servant of Christ, you may want to pay attention. Should you notice you are being told to obey the person in the pulpit rather than the word of God, this should concern you. And most importantly if the scripture is being used to bully you and keep you subservient to your church and your spiritual leader in the Name of Jesus, you most definitely want to consider running as fast as you can. Mainstream Christian teachings consider this a cult that enforces a false gospel and doctrines of demons.