Four US states, one of them being California, have sued Donald Trump because of his decision to stop protecting the people who were brought illegally to America when they were children. Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, stated that the US President's decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is negative for California. DACA protected immigrants from deportation and also made them join the economic fiber of society by giving them work permits.

California is not alone

Becerra believes this will hurt the economy of California because it depends on foreign workers.

Immigrants have an important role in the state. California has a huge and powerful economy. Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota have also joined in its complaint against Donald Trump. Many lawyers state that the US President is violating the constitutional rights. There are millions of illegals who came to the US with their families, they dislike Trump's policies.

Origin of the program

DACA was created by former US President Barack Obama, this program has protected almost 800,000 young adults who came to America when they were children. These people are dubbed “Dreamers.” The Justice Department stated that Obama created this program without respecting the authority of the Congress. We have to add that 16 state attorneys general who have filed a similar lawsuit in Brooklyn.

They state that the actions taken by Trump violate the constitutional rights for Dreamers.

More details on DACA

If the people protected by this program lose their right to work, it will cause a lot of economic problems. The California lawsuit states that they would lose their health insurance, thus, putting more pressure on the budget of the state.

Becerra believes that California hasn't become the sixth largest economy in the world by accident. He is sure that the immigrants have been key to get it. The actions taken by Trump are disliked by mayors, religious leaders, governors, unions, and more organizations.

The US President has a lot of power

Experts on this legal issues believe that the opposition will have a tough time fighting against Trump's policies.

The US President has a lot of power when it's about immigration. Since the beginning Trump wanted to modify the US immigration policy, he is putting more restrictions on foreigners who stay or came illegally to America. Anyway, people who oppose him believe that he is creating walls instead of dreams.