Donald Trump wants to build a wall with Mexico, but California dislikes the idea. The state even decided to sue the US President. The cost of the wall would be about $22 billion, and it would take more than three years to build, according to a report by Reuters. Trump wanted Mexico to pay for this, but the southern neighbor refused. The US will fund the construction initially, but Trump wants to find a way to make Mexico pay for it. The wall was one of the main issues raised during Trump's campaign, and it's still an incendiary issue.

There was a previous lawsuit

Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed the suit, and it's similar to a lawsuit that was brought up by advocacy groups a short time ago. Both legal actions want to stop the construction of the wall, according to a report by The Star. Becerra stated that the US is a nation based on the rule of law and that Trump is violating this. Becerra also thinks that the federal government is abusing its authority

Democrats dislike the wall

The Democrats dislike the construction of the wall in the Congress. The US President needs the help of some Democratic senators to include the project in a spending package according to a report by Reuters. The lawsuit was filed by Becerra, a Democrat, in a federal court alleging that Trump's wall violates many laws and even environmental standards.

A lot of lawsuits

Becerra's lawsuit is one of many against the US government. A short time ago he sued Trump because of a program aimed at deporting young immigrants. Becerra has also had legal fights with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because of regulations, according to a report by The Star. The federal government has already issued contracts to begin the construction of wall prototypes, but the lawsuit states that they violated some environmental regulations in San Diego and Calexico.

Becerra stated that the federal government doesn't have the right to do this because that authority expired in 2008


Donald Trump made comments on the wall with Mexico during his political campaign, but he is facing strong opposition from the Democrats. This disagreement is even stronger in California where the politicians want Trump to show that there is no violation of environmental laws. The opposition also states that the Department of Homeland Security has no right to waive federal guidelines to build the wall.

Will Trump be successful?