fashion trends come and go. Some fade so quickly that if you even blink you might miss them, but, there are some fashion Tips that can go a long way. They are practical, cost-efficient and can even complement your overall outfit. The problem is that some of these fashion tips may not be the most popular trends so you won't see a many people adopting them. As a result, feelings of insecurity about doing something different hold people back. However, it is time to overcome those feelings and acknowledge that no one dresses the same. If you dress differently, it just means that you are ahead of the trends, and are the first one up.

Now let's start with some of the fashion tips that I think go overlooked.

Cuffing your jeans

Jeans are a dilemma for me. My fitted ones are always too small because my waist is too small compared to my legs. To solve this, I started wearing looser fitting jeans. However, the problem with that is the jeans are too long and cover my sneakers. I cannot allow this to happen for two reasons. Sneakers are an essential part of my outfit and deserve to be treated as such, so jeans shouldn't cover them. Also, jeans tend to bleed their dye onto shoes and for expensive shoes that is a huge problem. To remedy this, I suggest cuffing your jeans. I really don't know anyone who cuffs their jeans because it is viewed as feminine fashion only.

But I promise you, it will save you in the long run. Disregard societal gender norms and cuff your jeans. Your sneakers will be visible and stay clean. It is a better look than the bootcut jean look where they cover your shoes.

Expanding your headwear

When I say expand your headwear, I'm not just talking about switching from fitted hat to dad hats.

I'm talking about trying bandanas, headwraps, headbands and whatever else you can think of. I really think this is an underappreciated fashion tip because I rarely see people go out of their comfort zone when it comes to this. I must say that these types of headwear are not for everyone and it takes a lot of confidence to try.

My suggestion is to experiment when you go to parties and see how you feel in a social setting. If you feel comfortable, try working it into your everyday wardrobe.

Thrifting your outfit

Clothes are expensive. Branding clothing names means that a shirt that costs $15 to make may sell for possibly hundreds. College students like me can't afford to constantly buy the next hot item we see trending every time. Even with a job, you never want to reach the point where you are debating buying expensive clothes or food. This is why you need to go to your local thrift or consignment store. Clothes sold at markdown prices are a blessing in disguise. They have a lot of cheap and good looking clothes and it's not always about the brand name if you truly find the clothes fashionable.

As you might even find brand name clothing at a cheaper price, it doesn't hurt to try.

Concluding thoughts

Fashion trends come and go but the beauty of fashion is that what you find stylish is purely subjective. What you like may not be the most appealing thing to society and vice versa. This is why I think it is ok to go outside of common fashion trends and not overlook things that may seem different if you like it. You never know what you might discover and you may even set a new trend.