The US and the USSR had strong ideological discrepancies for many years. After decades of rivalry, the Soviet Union began to show signs of weakness and America increased its lead. At the end of the 1980s, there were many political reforms in Eastern Europe aimed at promoting democracy and the market economy. The changes were dramatic and the old regime could no longer control the demands of the population, so, the Soviet bloc exploded. The West emerged as the winner, but we can see that America has some problems that remind some of the USSR

Strong regionalism

The Soviet Union consisted of many republics and they had a lot of differences among them.

It was like a huge Tower of Babel because there were Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and other ethnic groups. The republics decided to secede, and 15 countries emerged from the USSR. The US has strong regionalism in states like California, which want political reforms that are different from those proposed by Donald Trump, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times. Politicians from California want to make it a sanctuary state and even want to block the construction of the Mexican border wall.

Population and political power are linked

The demographic growth in states with a high percentage of Hispanics is faster than the US average -- according to a report by the Pew Research Center. Population and political power go hand in hand, so, the political power of certain states will grow because of immigration.

The same scenario occurred in the USSR, where the Muslim population grew faster than the Russian population.

Some countries are economic burdens

The Soviet Union helped countries like Cuba, and Moscow also financed the failed government in Afghanistan. The US helps a lot of nations too, most NATO countries predate the pocket of America because they spend less on the military than they should -- according to a report by Yahoo News.

This means that America has to pay for the defense of its allies. Paradoxically, NATO was created to stop an invasion of Europe by the USSR.

America must react

America has to fix the growing regional tension and must stop bleeding a lot of economic resources to support its NATO allies. A huge amount of money that is invested in weapons could be spent on improving the economic performance of the nation, and can also help reduce the budget deficit. The right solutions have to be found before the situation becomes too critical.