April Fool's Day was back on April 1, but this is no April Fool's joke. According to USA Today, Nordstrom is selling jeans covered in fake mud for $425. Will this catch on and become a trend? At first, people frowned on jeans that are torn at the knees. Now it is a billion dollar item. Celebrities have helped to make them popular. In fact, some people think they are not cool unless they are wearing torn jeans. Perhaps the fake muddy jeans will catch on and become a trend.

Fake muddy jeans

The fake muddy jeans that are sold exclusively at Nordstrom are made in Portugal.

There is one price for a pair, and it is $425. Nordstrom describes the item as a way to express your ruggedness and the jeans show you are not afraid to get down and dirty. A lot of people are saying it would be cheaper to get in the mud yourself by doing yard work. Mowing the lawn or planting in the garden while wearing a pair of jeans could save you the $425 that you could use to buy a laptop, iPad, a 40-inch television or something else you want.

The high-end department store wants consumers to know that the mud does not wash out because it’s actually not real dirt. Therefore, it is safe to wash them. While you are wearing the muddy jeans, Nordstrom also has a matching denim jacket made with mud like the pants.

What people are saying

Host Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" said on Facebook that the jeans look like they have been worn by someone with a dirty job, but they are made for people who don’t have dirty jobs.

Hosts on the talk shows on television think the trend will take off like other strange trends have taken off. Once celebrities like Kylie and Kenda Jenner start wearing them, millions of young people will find $425 from somewhere to buy a pair.

One woman confessed that her husband has pants like Nordstrom's muddy jeans that he wears while repairing his car.

A lot of criticism and jokes were posted on Nordstrom's website. Some of them were so mean that the store has deleted them.

After all, people should be used to Nordstrom selling unique items that cost a lot. Nordstrom also sold a stone in a leather pouch for $85. Other luxury stores have jumped on the bandwagon and sold unique products for high prices. During last Christmas holiday, Neiman Marcus sold cooked collard greens for $66 plus shipping.

One thing these stores know is that people will buy their products no matter how much they cost. One reason is so they can boast that they bought them from a luxury store. What do you think about the muddy jeans that are sold at Nordstrom?