The feud between Donald Trump and the News Media needs to stop. CNN and other reputable reporting agencies of current events should no longer be surprised by anything Number 45 says or does. Americans should be receiving sold facts more than sensationalism when it comes to the news media.

Donald Trump will not change

Every time the president says something outrageous the reporters for CNN and other media outlets seem shocked. They have panels of experts giving their opinions as if they will suddenly crack the Trump code. Basically each time he reads from the TelePrompTer, number 45 stays on point, articulates himself well and everyone remarks how presidential he is. When he speaks for in the heart showing the American people who he really is, the news media react as if the president suddenly grew two heads.

Donald Trump at age 71, residing in the White House, is the same man he was before the 2016 election. He is a wheeling-dealing take no prisoners businessman. Number 45 is a billionaire who is a product of and has prospered through the good ol boy system. He has benefited from his white male privilege and become not only wealthy but a celebrity as well.

In Donald Trump's world, it's all about winning and the art of the deal. He is big on building a brand and not afraid to say "Your"re fired." He rewards those who stick by him and dismisses those who do not After 20 months of doing things the same way, the news media as well as Americans should realize he is not going to change.

What you see is what you get with The Donald

When it comes to The Donald, what you see is what you get. The highly educated, well-paid intelligent individuals who work for CNN should realize this and not be surprised at the president's actions. He is always going to be the man he has evolved into after 71 years of living. His views on racism, poverty, immigration and other issues will remain as is.

Number 45 is not going to suddenly become presidential.

For this reason, CNN and other news media should begin reporting more responsibly and not sensationalize everything Donald Trump tweets or says. At this point in the game, the current commander in chief has had made it very clear to Americans and also the world that he sees no need to change.

It really is time to take him at face value. This morning on "Inside politics Maggie Haberman probably summed it up best.

She said Donald Trump has to go another way and take a different route to get things passed. This attitude Number 45 knows no other route and is unable to go any other way except the path he is on. He is incapable of and does not even feel a need to change so he won't. Sensationalizing his actions only causes the rest of the world to focus on this nation in an unflattering manner. This is why it's time for CNN and other news media outlets to stop.