Julian Assange is perhaps one of the most significant public figures of our time. The man has been attacked mercilessly, his life is in constant jeopardy and WikiLeaks is more important today than it has ever been. Still, the man refuses to buckle down and keeps resisting every attack that the establishment launches at him and his revolutionary platform.

Why Twitter?

If there wasn't for social media and the internet in general, the information that we consume would be heavily toyed with and censored. That's not to say that is not happening now -- it is, very much so, internet corporations like Google are making sure to monopolize the web as much as they can, but they will never be able to completely prevent information from getting out there into the world.

If there wasn't for Twitter, we'd probably have no idea what Assange is up to, what he is thinking about. Thankfully, we do and the man has, as always, decided to defend himself with facts and wit, poking fun at those who are trying to discredit him whenever they get the chance. His newest series of tweets is both hilarious and upsetting.

Triggering the CIA

To put things into context, in the first of the series of tweets, Assange criticized the head of CIA, Mike Pompeo for "getting emotional over Chelsea Manning", among other things, with the letter Pompeo sent to Harvard attached and retweeted:

It only gets better.

Assange posted a preview of the said letter in which Pompeo says that "WikiLeaks is an enemy of the United States, akin to hostile foreign intelligence service":

And then, Julian decided to poke fun at the head of the CIA, telling him to "man up", sarcastically mocking the CIA and its lack of competence in the next tweet, mentioning extradition too:

And lastly, Julian Assange decided to take one step further, openly mocking the CIA, as well as Mike Pompeo, mentioning the "trans hero" Chelsea Manning, this time telling mister Pompeo to "woman up", calling CIA out for what he claims is "whining":

Trolling counterintelligence and the government

Who would have thought that we'd live to witness an activist like Julian openly mocking the government and its counterintelligence service on a social network?

The world has changed so much and it has changed for the better. This is why it is now more important than ever that we, as a society, do everything in our power to preserve our online freedoms.

Governments and their satellites know how powerful new media is and they're doing everything in their power to minimize its influence. We can not let that happen.