The Buffalo Bills are likely not able to score enough points to beat the Atlanta Falcons, and that would be a good Bet against the spread on the Falcons. You can easily bet on the Steelers this Weekend, but there is a game that you need to look at very closely because you can easily make a bet that will help you feel more confident about the whole weekend. Take this one game to heart, and you will have a much better chance of getting what you want.

Carolina and New England

Carolina probably has no chance against New England simply because they are a little too banged up.

It looks like New England is still getting revenge for the loss they took in week one, and the Panthers have to deal with a shifting and developing offense that is not perfect yet. If you put those two things together, you have a Carolina team that will not be able to score enough in Foxboro to win.

Or McCaffrey exposes New England

The only real chance that Carolina has is if Christian McCaffrey becomes an MVP candidate in New England. He would have to poke holes in the New England defense that we did not know were there, and he would have to do so ruhtlessly because there would be no other way for the Panthers to score enough. New England might still win the game, but they could give away clues as to what would beat them in the playoffs.

The New England defense is spotty

The New England defense has already proven to be spotty, and that should be a major concern for a team that has already had a few problems keeping people healthy. Losing anyone else would be a nightmare, and it would be impossible for the Patriots to keep their defense solid for another three months.

They would have to start hunting on the waiver wire, and they would need to spend time developing new players. The sheer difficulty that this causes is more than enough to worry anyone who loves the Patriots.

One clean hit

It only takes one clean hit on Cam Newton to knock him out of the game, and the Patriots are more than equipped to deliver that hit.

They can get a shot on Newton that would at least make him miss a series. The Patriots could capitalize to take a bigger lead, and they will have covered the spread for you. Also consider that any nagging injuries Newton has could be easily aggravated. The Patriots know these things, and you can bet that their scouting reports list exactly where to hit him so that they can get him out of the game. This is your best bet of the weekend because of Belichick's coaching.