The Fantasy Football choices you make this week must begin with your quarterback. Some people are giving up on the Thursday games, and that leaves us with a few good choices for the week. You can see Aaron Rodgers in the image above, and there are a few other guys you can count on based on how their teams are playing. You might have overlooked certain people, and you might be a little bit too interested in others. You have a couple of selections to make, and you will learn quickly that some quarterbacks are just not ready to lead your fantasy team this season.

Who to avoid

Russell Wilson, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, and Deshaun Watson will be bad pickups for this week because they do not produce enough value. You might find them exciting on some level, but you certainly cannot get enough points from them to warrant having them on your roster. It will be much easier for you to avoid these guys and try someone who might have been overlooked.

Overlooked players

Players such as Big Ben in Pittsburgh and Matthew Stafford in Detroit could be forgotten because they are overshadowed by other aspects of the team. You might forget Jameis Winston because he is not yet a superstar, and you might forget a player like Alex Smith because he is hiding up in Kansas City.

Each of these guys would be useful to you, and they could fill out your rosters given the shape of the draft in your league.

Sure things

Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers are people you must try to pick up this week. You could try Tom Brady up in New England, but you must be aware that his offense is not developed at the moment. You could pray that Eli Manning will give you something special, or you can take Cam Newton and hope his offense improves yet again.

You must choose carefully because Cam Newton is not yet running his offense as well as he should. You must be careful with Tom Brady because he can allow the New England to win games for him. Eli Manning might have a breakout game, but it is not likely considering how bad the Giants look right now. You can take a few chances with your roster, but you might get burned if you pick the wrong guy.

Learning as we go

We will learn a lot in the third week of the season as we find out who is capable of producing stats throughout the season. Certain people are hoping to hit the jackpot with a player like Eli Manning who finally plays well, but you are taking a risk in doing so. Players like Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers will keep your fantasy roster safe.