Choosing a fantasy running back this season could be a bit difficult for you because we have so few players who are truly excelling at the position. You might have thought that David Johnson would help you, but Johnson could be out for most of the season. Christian McCaffrey could be fantastic, but he probably cannot give you the kind of numbers you need because he does not start alone in the Carolina backfield. Leonard Fournette could be fantastic, but the Jaguars offense might not get on the field enough times to help. Who do you pick when you need something that is almost guaranteed to work?

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt is the best chance that Alex Smith has to keep his job in Kansas City. The Kansas City Chiefs have a surprising offense that features Kareem Hunt a lot. He could compile a lot of fantasy points this season, and we should trust him until he gives us a reason not to. This player could become your fantasy pick at running back for at least the next couple of years because he plays for a good team with a good coach. Remember that Andy Reid runs the Chiefs, and he is much better at calling a game than most coaches.

Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette has proven that the NFL is fairly easy for him, but he is on a team that does not have a stellar offense. Fournette might give you amazing stats one week while his stats the next week are mediocre.

He cannot carry his team in a passing league because the defense will put in the maximum number of players possible and stop him on every rush. Choose Fournette if you believe that he can get outside and break off a few good rushes. Avoid Fournette if you think playing in London will be a disadvantage for him.

Todd Gurley

If I were Sean McVay, I would call Gurley's number a lot this season.

He is playing on Thursday night, and he could be the perfect person to use on a roster that needs a flex player. Teams that carry Hunt and Gurley could do very well where one is the running back, and one plays the flex position. Be sure that you have considered Gurley before you begin making further choices for your roster.

Devonta Freeman

Freeman is a good choice if you believe that the Falcons will choose to feature him throughout the game to keep the opposing defense guessing. The Falcons could easily use Tevin Coleman in spots that require short rushes, and Freeman would lose some of the fantasy points that he might have gained otherwise. Choose carefully when you search for your running backs and flex players because they all have challenges to overcome.