Young players in the NFL cannot maintain great starts for 16 games in a row, but they can give us a glimpse of the future. We can look back at this time in the league and remember when Kareem Hunt and Jared Goff were young bucks that were not completely developed. Goff is a curious case because he is playing very well after being considered a bust the year before. Hunt enters a league that is not very kind to running backs, and he is taking over for Jamaal Charles who should still be on the Chiefs roster if it were not for an injury. Can we expect a player to improve at the rate of someone like Tom Brady every year?

How does Tom Brady improve so much?

The first question for all football fans should concern how Tom Brady improves every year. He seems to be ageless, and that is down to a lack of major injuries. Brady has missed a season because of a terrible injury once, but he is otherwise bulletproof. He is in an offense that has been run by the same types of people since the very beginning. Forget who the offensive coordinator has been because they all come from the same system. Everyone from Charlie Weiss to Bill O'Brien is basically doing the same thing. Brady commits himself to getting better and staying healthy, and he has been playing in an offense that asks him to be smart. Players who have to force plays will look like they are bad at making decisions, and they give the appearance that they have not improved.

Tom Brady never has to force anything, and that is what makes him look amazing.

Can Goff improve in LA?

Jared Goff can improve only if Sean McVay is allowed to stay with the time for a long time. Anything less would be a travesty.

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt has a very small window where he can be great, prove that he is great, and make a lot of money.

People who play his position do not last that long, and it is a reality he must grapple with. Too many Chiefs running backs have flamed out a bit too early, and Hunt must aim to be perfect by the end of the season so that he can get to his second contract.

Vic Beasley

Vic Beasley has improved by leaps and bounds in Atlanta, and Aaron Rodgers probably still remembers the sack that Beasley put on him in Atlanta last weekend.

The game call made the sack sound extremely painful, and this play comes from the same guy who was once considered a bust because he could never get to the quarterback. Beasley can be a stalwart in Atlanta for a decade if he wants to be. These are only a few examples of how players have to improve so we can say we remember when they were young.