The Cleveland Browns have a lot of hope. The Bengals seem completely hopeless. They will face off this weekend in a game of pitiful teams. The Browns have been close to winning a couple of games, but the Bengals have looked as dreadful as possible. You might be wondering if there is a surefire game to bet on this weekend, and this would be it. Anyone you have on the Browns that plays for your fantasy team should be played, and you can bask in the glory of the Browns as they beat up the Bengals. Is there any redemption for the Bengals?

The Bengals offense

The Bengals should have moved on from Andy Dalton the moment they thought that this could happen. They have AJ McCarron on the roster, and they should have already used him. This is a bit like that person in a horror movie who is only holding onto the door frame with their fingertips. They know they are going to die, but Hollywood persists in dragging out the scene. NFL teams do not have that kind of time. The Steelers could effectively win the AFC North this weekend, and the Bengals and Browns will be sitting there wondering what happened. The Bengals should have been competitive this year, but they are not. Make the change before it gets worse.

The Browns offense

The Bengals will get Vontaze Burfict back this weekend, but he alone cannot fix this team.

The Browns need to have a good showing against what is a good defense. It would be stupid and pathetic for the Browns to not go for the jugular. They need to kick the Bengals while they are down, and I expect to see them score a lot this weekend. The Browns have the potential left for this season, but the Bengals have nothing left, and that is obvious.

Can Marvin Lewis lose his job?

Marvin Lewis could very well lose his job because of this game. There are few games where I think he could get fired if the team plays badly, but the Browns are supposed to be terrible. Getting soundly beaten could force the Bengals to go ahead and fire him. There is no way to know for sure unless the Bengals lose by several touchdowns, but the clock is ticking on Lewis.

Hue Jackson

The stoic Hue Jackson is the reason that the Browns are good. He took a bad job, and he has made it into a good job. He has all the right pieces in the right places, and he can use those pieces to make something of this team. The Browns could play well enough to end up on the bubble of the playoffs. They would not be able to win enough games to stay in, but they might surprise you. That is all down to Hue Jackson.