Brock Osweiler has been let go by the Cleveland Browns because they do not want a competition at the quarterback position. They need to have DeShone Kizer on the field without anyone behind him who could take his job. It is much easier for him to perform if Osweiler is not there, and they are preventing Hue Jackson from wondering what he has to do with the position. He can move on with this offense, and he can make it develop over the course of 16 games.

Why not trade him?

They had no one who wanted to trade for him. You trade Osweiler for value when you are ready to get rid of him, and you trade him as soon as you can when you realize that you do not want him on the roster anymore.

No one in the league wants to bring him in him at the cost of his current contract, so the Browns cut him. I think that is a pretty big drop for a guy who had two different franchisees ready to pay him. Remember? The Texans paid him, and the Broncos were upset when he did not sign with them. It was a big deal, but now he is effectively out of the league unless someone wants a backup.

Why cut him?

He is not as good as you think he is. We get all these wonderful thoughts of what could have been because he sat behind Peyton Manning, but you are forgetting that the Broncos were trying to win a Super Bowl. They were not at all focused on developing Osweiler. Peyton Manning could only do so much when he had what amounted to a broken neck, and Osweiler was there holding a spot.

He had a couple of good games, and we romanticized him sitting behind a Hall of Famer. Not everyone turns out like Steve Young or Aaron Rodgers. We were wrong.

Where to?

I could see Jacksonville taking a flyer on him if they think that they want to give him a shot. I can see the Jets signing him, and I can see the Dolphins signing him as a backup.

There are many landing spots for him, but each of those spots has been covered by someone else. The issue is that Osweiler just is not good enough to warrant signing him. I think that there is a problem with the quarterback position because we simply go with guys that we know. We allow guys to stay in the league because we recognize their names, or we allow them to hang around because they will hardly play.

Is he done in the NFL?

Brock could be done in the NFL simply because there is no home for him. He had a nice payday, and he had his chance to make an impression on the Texans. It just did not work out, and now we are left to wonder if he should have stayed with the Broncos and allowed them to pay him.