Almost everyone knows about "Star Wars," and its epic battles between Light And Dark, between "Jedi" and "Sith." But are "Jedi" what they claim to be? Are they really shiny heroes or they are something else, maybe something worse? The "Jedi" code and their life's work is to protect and to bring peace to the galaxy. It is an honorable goal but in my opinion, they are evil - or at the least, they are not so good.

About 'Jedi' and 'Sith'

Long ago, a group of individuals who had unexplainable abilities and powers gathered on a planet called "Tython" to discuss and to learn where their powers came from.

As their studies progressed, one group learned that if they used negative emotions, they were able to tap deeper into their powers and unlock and gain new powers and abilities. They all agree to call this the Dark Side. Most of the practitioners of the Dark Side succumbed to corruption. Few were able to use the full power of the Dark Side while but at the same time remaining calm and perfectly balanced. They advocated that with proper mental training everyone could use both the Light and Dark Side without any consequences. Users of the Light Side saw this as a great evil and began a war against their former friends.

'Jedi' corruption

While the majority of "Star Wars" fans consider "Jedi" to be the force of ultimate goodness, I disagree.

First of all, if they are so good why they started a bloody conflict with users of the Dark Side?. I can understand if all Dark Side practitioners were ultimately corrupted and beyond redemption, but as I stated earlier, there were those who were able to use the Dark Side and not to succumb to corruption. The only logical explanation is that these first "Jedi" were afraid and wanted to exterminate all who do not share their point of view.

Also, they were too arrogant and too proud of themselves and worst of all they were too blind to see their weaknesses. But how can you protect someone if you do not have passion about it, how can you sacrifice yourself if you do not care for someone or something? It is because they are afraid of having emotions, and they are scared of losing someone, so they detach themselves.

It is true that emotions can cloud judgment and that one can make wrong choices in some critical situations. But also emotions, passion can be the beacon to guide someone, with strong emotions they can fuel their powers, even more, to help them overcome their enemies and obstacles and to protect whom they are sworn to protect, the innocent. But "Jedi" are afraid of these things, and they are afraid that they will not have enough mental strength, so they closed themselves to it.


They consider "Sith" evil, well, for the most part, it is true, at least for the modern "Sith." But there would not be any "Sith" if, many years ago, the "Jedi" did not do what they did. One more thing, at least "Sith" are honest, they are not afraid of their emotions, and they know when to use their powers to their gain and when to be patient. They say that the "Sith" only cares about themselves and how to become more powerful, and "Jedi" does not?