The Dating game is as complicated as it is. Though it's difficult, we still keep up with it and go through the same process over and over again. It's challenging, I must say, but we still put our best effort just to find somebody we want to be with.

What's annoying is that dating trends just suddenly sprout out of nowhere. Could it get even more exhausting than this? It happens every freaking year.

The new dating trend

Now, just a heads up guys: there's another one and it's getting crazier. I really hope that this doesn't last long.

Hello Giggles talks about what people call "Haunting." I know what you're thinking: you're associating this word to ghosting, right?

In my case, I think this one's just a tad more unpleasant than ghosting.

What's it all about?

First, let's differentiate the two. Ghosting is when one party detaches from the relationship without any word or goodbye. There's no form of communication. Ties were cut-off. No closure at all.

Second, 'haunting' is when a person starts to establish his or her presence online but this involves your posts. He or she often likes your pictures, videos, or status messages. Not only that but you can actually sense their presence because it's either they viewed your videos first or liked your posts first. It's close to being eerie. Scratch that, it really is eerie.

Third, it doesn't get any weirder than that.

It's even disturbing because they do not initiate communication. They lurk around your social media accounts like there's no tomorrow. They let you feel haunted.

Sure, you had memories together and we respect that but is it really fair if you feel like you're being stalked? I mean, it's not just one instance but in every post, you see your ex's name at the top of the list.

Fourth, you cannot start confronting the 'haunter' because it's like opening Pandora's box. It will just lead to a series of complications. One example is igniting the false hope of getting back together. The second example is formulating a perfectly good excuse for the behavior.

Fifth, it's the motive that's tormenting the hell out of you.

What does she really want? Why is he doing this?

We were taught not to assume anything unless there's proof but how will you deal with this? If the other person's social media presence really worries you, block and unfollow. That ought to send a clear message.

In this day and age, just hold on tight ladies and gentlemen. Bear with this ridiculous dating culture - you're bound to find someone good!