For the past couple of years, we've seen an unofficial standard for Triple AAA games. Usually, games cost 60$ USD and usually, they have three different versions or more. It's normal for games to have a season pass and some developers list them in digital stores for pre-order without even listing what it comes with. This trend started small in the beginning but now it's what developers call the "standard" for "triple AAA" games, but why is that? Sometimes we even pay more for less with some season passes only containing cosmetics and weapons that are planned later on.

I bring this topic into question over the recent controversy regarding Compulsion Games. Game publisher Gearbox announced that We Happy Few will be listed as a "Triple AAA" title.

The game is planned for release in April 2018, and fans who already pre-purchased the game pay no additional costs. However, in this new transition, the game is now 60$ because it will be seen as a "Triple AAA" title. If you put the "Triple AAA" title tag on a game should it cost more?

Why this trend has to stop

Publishers these days, rather than thinking of new game ideas, are thinking about more ways to take money from consumers. Let's look at an example: the creator of PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds Brendan Green decided to add microtransactions to the game.

He made a statement a while back claiming that he would be focusing on completing the game and not adding additional content until later. Now we see him adding microtransactions to the game before it is past early-access.

Why are people upset about it? One reason for this is because the game isn't finished yet. If it was close to being done or if more progress was made on improvements to it people wouldn't be so upset.

Another reason for this is because the system isn't refined like other crate systems. When you open a chest you only get one piece of clothing and you may not get a full set during countless attempts.

Microtransactions, season passes, DLC, special editions and more, all add up for developers. This may not be a big deal for some people but why do games have to cost more if they are "Triple AAA?" The indie community can sometimes make games better than the big games coming out on the market at a lower cost.

Recent entry Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice only costs 30$ but has the same quality as a big title on the market right now.

Can this outlook change?

Absolutely, People recently started buying into the microtransaction fad. DLC wasn't that far back either and people try to justify why they need this content. If you think about it we don't have to keep things like this. We just convince ourselves we want to buy something. However, that doesn't mean DLC is bad it can be done right if the developer thinks of adding it in the right way. Games like the Witcher 3 added long and fun DLC which you don't have to pay for. The game is also fairly priced. What are your thoughts about this trend?