A huge percentage of the population of the United States is composed of immigrants. America has a long tradition of attracting foreigners, but many of them stay here illegally. Many immigrants have taken advantage of the sanctuary cities, where the authorities can't ask them about their migration status which poses a security problem. Many politicians dislike this policy that began life in Los Angeles. To try and address the situation President Donald Trump proposed reforms to immigration regulations, and he also signed an executive order to cut economic help to those cities.

Are Sanctuary Cities a danger for the US?

Immigration is good when foreigners respect the local laws, but it is negative when the opposite happens. What is the criminal record of the migrants that live in the Sanctuary Cities? There is a lot of information available today because we live in an era of technology, but the authorities can't ask people about their migration condition.

The case of Texas

The Judge Orlando Garcia banned a bill that was going to be in effect in Texas in a few days. He thinks that the proposed law is in contradiction with the Constitution. The judge also states that this bill could cause many financial problems. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, disagrees with him. He has complained about it because he believes this makes Texas less safe.

Thus, he will appeal. Donald Trump wants to make reforms, but his executive orders find a lot of obstacles.

The origin of the Sanctuary Cities

This was born in Los Angeles in the 1980s; the local authorities banned to ask individuals about their migration status. A lot of cities put that restriction to the government migration specialists.

The officials of Los Angeles stated that asking people about their migration status destroyed the trust of the population, so, people wouldn't cooperate with the authorities. There are more than 400 jurisdictions in the United States that have the condition of Sanctuary Cities. Among them, we have Boston, San Francisco, New York, and others.

Is this a violation of the Human Rights?

We live in a country where the laws have evolved and protect society. The US is a democracy that respects the rights of its population, but this is also true that people have to respect laws. All the immigrants that come to America have to give information about their condition. This is the best for the American society and democracy.