Over the past couple of years, baking shows have grown in popularity. One of the reasons could be due to the introduction of “The Great British Bake Off,” a show where regular folks with a passion for flour and baking come face to face with one another for a competition. During each episode, the bakers are challenged to create baked goods that include signature cakes, fresh bread, and even impressive decorations.

Over the years, cable networks have tried to introduce all kinds of baking shows with people ready to bake. This includes “Cupcake Wars” and even baking shows featuring kids.

Even popular shows, such as “Top Chef,” have now created versions of the shows that feature just desserts, according to Ranker.

The creativity could have something to do with it

These baking shows challenge people to come up with cakes, concepts, and designs that are so creative that viewers are intrigued. Of course, regular icing and some sprinkles won’t cut it. These bakers truly go above and beyond with their designs and come up with concepts that the non-baker can only admire and respect.

According to Ranker, “The Great British Bake Off” is one of the most popular baking shows on television.

Of course, part of the popularity could be due to the humor as well from the judges. They tend to make jokes and lighten the mood, which sets the tone for the entire show. While “Top Chef: Just Desserts” is all about professionals competing, “The Great British Bake Off” is all about amateurs competing.

Fans love the concepts

Viewers appear to love the competition element of these shows.

Who has the best cake and why? The baked goods are usually judged by professionals, which means there is a learning element as well. During a single episode, viewers learn how to keep cakes moist, and perhaps why their bread isn't rising despite adding yeast.

On Twitter alone, there are many GIFs and videos floating around with the constants due to their hilarious reactions from the judges.

It is clear that viewers become invested in the people on the show, which could be why the shows are such hits.

Get involved

While you may not be ready to go on national television to flex your baking muscle, don't be afraid to play around with baking. Start out at home and try out different recipes. You can still enjoy the act of decorating a cake without millions of people watching and professionals judging your final work.

What do you think about baking food shows? Would you want to get in on the fun?