Today’s topic for the daily Chinese Horoscope for Pig is all about finding success. People born under this sign are kind and gentle folk who enjoy social interactions. They can slip into any conversation with ease regardless of how exhausted they are. That's a gift in and of itself! Here is what you can expect, and how to get through your day.

What to expect

Today is the best day to take a water-filled vacation, or in lieu of this, a good massage can go a long way toward easing your stress levels. Identify all of your individual needs and you’d be surprised by how much it can enrich a relationship to have your needs in the forefront.

You might be in the need of some good TLC to help recharge your batteries. Seek that out and replenish yourself -- you won't regret it.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, don't shy away from giving yourself what you truly need. Today you may surprise yourself by having the courage to do something you never thought you could. You know how it goes -- you only find out how strong you are when you have no other choice but to be. Remember, if you believe in yourself you can do anything you set your mind to -- you’ll find that with this increased self-confidence, fear and hesitation go out the window.

Love and relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, the stars show that this may be a tough time for those under this sign when it comes to matters of the heart.

This may be in the form of a recent flame no longer working out or friends not showing the level of sympathy you expect, but fear not. Use this as an opportunity to expand your social network and meet new people. Take the risk, go out, and mingle and flirt with new people. Remember, in love nothing will ever be able to permanently hurt you, just learn what you can from the experience and go forward.

Avoid mixing your financial well-being with your emotional relationships.


When it comes to your career and financial life, you should remember that a job should be more than just money -- passion and dedication will drive you further than money will. Don’t lose focus of your career or get distracted by love, the two should never mix.

Think before you act, one moment of careful thought is more productive than many moments of reckless action.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Pig. I hope you’ve enjoyed this reading and that you will apply this valuable insight. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what the stars have in store for you.