Before voting yes for Obama’s Medicaid Expansion Program, Mike Pence required some specific legislation for his state of Indiana. His state’s plan apparently extended insurance to some 590,000 people. The majority of those, however, likely as a result of Pence’s legislation, have seen their plans cut back or canceled, according to a report by the Lewin Group, prepared for Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (IFSSA). He imposed premiums on those unable to pay them. People have been denied coverage. So you can surmise that he inadvertently, or more likely, intentionally, cost a good many people critical care.

Either way, I’d say he has blood on his hands.

As for stupidity, Mike Pence may not have that market cornered, what with the likes of Ben Carson and Donald Trump vying for that honor, but he is certainly a runner-up. Mike Pence is a proponent of teaching creationism in schools. Yes, that’s right. He wants your children to be taught to deny multiple scientific disciplines in favor of the notion that we were formed from mud and ribs, on a planet that was created merely thousands of years ago. But that’s not all, folks! He wants to deny your daughters and mothers the right to choose what they do with their bodies. He wants to overturn Roe v Wade.

Defund planned parenthood, strip women and LGBTQ of rights

Pence knowingly and continually works to ensure that women throughout the nation will be denied essential services. He wants to defund planned parenthood. Not only is he not too bright, but he is apparently delusional, and subsequently wishes to pass legislation that violates hard won women’s rights and endangers lives.

Because Mike Pence evidently believes his god approves of it. When he tried to pass anti-abortion legislation in Indiana, he publicly prayed that his god “would continue to bless these precious children, mothers, and families.” I’m not sure from what dark part of Pence this came from, one of ignorance, arrogance, or stupidity.

But, in any case, he has blood on his hands.

Mike Pence: You’re religious influence and discrimination are not welcome in my America

His personal delusions continue to influence nearly everything he does. And you can tell in that most of his legislation seeks to deny people their basic human rights. It is enough to me that because of his personal and irrational religious views, he believes that LGBTQ citizens are not entitled to be protected from hate crimes -- as if he believes they are not human. In a 2006 speech, Mike called being gay a choice. He claimed his opposition to gay marriage wasn’t discrimination, saying, “It was God’s idea!"

I believe in a separation of church and state. And the reason for this is that America is a melting pot, and everyone is different.

We have different beliefs and different gods (or lack thereof). Mike Pence, if you have a mind to try and force your personal mass delusions down anyone’s throat through legislation, perhaps you should first be prepared for maybe 10,000 other gods to be shoved up your other end? I know you’ll never get my support for anything. I’m sure there are a great many more positions that Mike Pence holds that I’ll disagree with. But, as far as I am concerned, if the man can’t leave personal liberty, human, and Equal rights alone, I don’t care what other positions he holds. He’ll never get my vote. I could never trust that he was not stabbing me in the back while shaking my hand.