Trump's' Fire And Fury' rhetorical reaction to the unfolding events in North Korea bear little semblance to China's attitude of encouraging dialogue and may well lead to a preemptive strike against Guam.

Trump should take North Korea seriously

Whilst no one in the free world admires Kim Jong-Un, he cannot be underestimated. The man is answerable only to himself and as such is a wild card. Currently, he is a wild card with his finger on a nuclear trigger, albeit the same can be said about Trump. The world is caught between two egotistical maniacs and that is a terrifying place to be.

Whilst the good citizens of the USA are expressing a lot of alarm and concern around the hacking of 'The Game of Thrones', their leader is firing off dangerous talk that makes it sound as though he thinks he is a character in the series. Every time he opens his mouth he is in flagrant conflict with the 'softly softly' approach that North Korea's closest neighbors, China and South Korea, are advocating.

North Korea and Japan

Japan must be sweating. They are not exactly fond of North Korea but are unique in that they are the only nation to have experienced a nuclear bomb and its horrific aftermath.

They are also well within missile firing range.

Who can reign Trump in?

Has nobody told President Trump that the Chinese UN vote for tougher sanctions was done in an effort to pressure North Korea into further dialogue, not to provoke him into unleashing missiles? Lawmakers makers in the US are criticizing his latest 'shoot from the hip' rant but what does China think?

According to the South China Post, the Chinese press has already blasted the US for their 'arrogance' and once again reiterated that the sanctions should be seen as pressure for talks, not a trigger for nuclear war. Perhaps it's time for China's Xi Jinping to flex some muscle and tell Trump to back down as it seems the USA is helpless in this regard.

He is a recipe for nuclear disaster and as most of the 1960's bomb shelters have been turned into wine cellars, it's time someone pointed out to him that he is a president, not a CEO and he is dealing with people, not his own dollars.

Maybe Dennis Rodman should volunteer to go and chat to his buddy Kim but in the meantime, I am dusting off my old birth certificate. Perhaps if I wave it hard enough at a Zimbabwean official, I can return to Harare in the land of my birth which remains one of the best places to avoid nuclear fallout.