Donald Trump made yet another controversial remark on Tuesday, this time threatening potential war with North Korea. While many have criticized the president for his comments, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway was quick to come to his defense.

Conway on Trump

It's become routine to hear Donald Trump make a statement that leaves many scratching their heads. Whether it's about Democrats, his fellow Republicans, celebrities, or the alleged "fake news" media, the former host of "The Apprentice" doesn't pull many punches when it comes to offering up his opinion on a variety of issues.

While supporters of the president tend to stand by him regardless of what the topic is at hand, critics are quick to pile on the billionaire real estate mogul, calling Trump out on the spot to highlight what many believe is ignorance and incompetence. On Tuesday while addressing reporters, Trump was asked about the recent comments coming out of North Korea who pushed back against sanctions that were imposed by the United Nations over the weekend. In response, Trump replied, "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," while vowing to hit back with "fire and fury." As reported by Mediaite on August 8, Kellyanne Conway made sure to defend the president in regards to the comments in question.

Following Donald Trump's remarks, which took place during a discussion on the opioid crisis in the country, Kellyanne Conway was asked to address the comments that were made by the president.

"I think the president’s comments were very strong and obvious," Conway told those in attendance. "I would defer to other members of Dr. Price's cabinet to comment further," she went on to say.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump's comments about North Korea and Kellyanne Conway's follow up remarks, critics of the president gave their thoughts across social media.

"The White House is about to send out Kellyanne Conway. Should a nuclear holocaust occur, she's looking to become queen of the roaches," one Twitter user wrote.

"Oh good Kellyanne Conway is going to brief the press in a few. that should help calm things down," another social media user added.

"A whole lot of talk and not action. Just like the rest of the stuff you guys do," yet another tweet read.

Others decided to troll Kellyanne Conway for continuing to push Donald Trump's questionable agenda on the opioid crisis. "@KeIIyannePolls looks like she's been hitting the opioids big time. I would be too if my job was to lie for Dumpy. Such a ghoul," a Twitter user wrote. As the backlash continued, it was more than obvious that the divide between the political left and right was not going to improve anytime soon.