Donald Trump has been known to make controversial comments in the past, but his most recent remarks might have crossed the line. While addressing reporters on Tuesday, the president decided to threaten North Korea.

Trump on North Korea

Not long after Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, it became clear that his campaign would be like none other before him. In the months that would follow, Trump would make various remarks about multiple subjects that would cause him to vault into the spotlight, and usually for all the wrong reasons.

Whether it was appearing to mock a disabled reporter, encouraging violence at his campaign rallies, or his alleged sexist remarks about females along the way, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to weather the storm and pull off one of the biggest upsets in recent political history with his win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November. In the nearly seven months that he's been in the White House, Trump has only increased his questionable rhetoric, venting on camera and on social media in an attempt to get his message out to the public. Trump's latest comments revolve around threatening North Korea, which took place while speaking to reporters while on vacation in New Jersey, as reported by CBS News on August 8.

Last weekend the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to enact tougher sanctions on North Korea, which included a ban on coal and various other exports that total over $1 billion.

In response, North Korea was not happy, claiming they would retaliate with "far bigger actions to make the U.S. pay a price for its crime against our country and people," promising to do so "thousand-fold."

In response to North Korea, Donald Trump decided to threaten the nation with possible war. "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," Trump told reporters.

"They will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before," he continued.

Twitter reacts

As expected, Donald Trump's rogue response was met with backlash from many across social media. "Maybe it's better if he doesn't work on vacation & just focuses on golf," one Twitter user wrote.

"Mentally challenged authoritarian madman Trump threatens North Korea w/'Fire And Fury' — but not before he gets in another 18 holes of golf," one social media user added.

"It's not impressive for America to threaten small countries with nuclear war. Of course we can destroy North Korea. And all life on Earth," Erika Heidewald posted.

"How many radiation-scarred Americans does it take to impeach Donald Trump? Asking for a frightened nation," another tweet rhetorically asked.

"If Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un's feud were a Game of Throne's episode, it would be called 'The Terrible Twos,'" a satirical tweet noted. The hits kept coming as it was clear many Americans weren't happy with the approach Trump decided to take with North Korea.