Mark Zuckerberg became a prominent figure in the whole world. Every minute detail of his life is being scrutinized. Following every move, he makes created a theory in everyone’s mind that the Facebook founder has a plan of one day serving America as its president.

Some things point to Mark Zuckerberg conveying that he will run for president of America

There were five possible reasons why Zuckerberg was thought to be running to become the next head of state. First, he amended the Facebook’s proxy statement to allow him to Run for office or serve in the government in whatever capacity.

Second, his New Year’s resolution is to meet every person in every U.S. state as reported by the Vanity Fair. This has been seen as the major reason why Priscilla Chan’s husband was thought to run for president. While visiting different states, he brings with him a photographer to document everything transpiring on his trips.

Third, his travels involve activities that connect to the lowly masses. He tried milking cow, ate with a family, touring shrimp boats in the Bayou, and talking to people from different walks of life.

Fourth, he donated a huge chunk of his wealth for humanitarian endeavors. He gave $3 billion to his and his wife’s foundation known as Chan Zuckerberg Initiative aimed at treating, preventing, and managing diseases all over the world.

He funded the Biohub in Silicon Valley which costs $600 million for this purpose. Fifth, Mark Zuckerberg dreams to become an “emperor” if not a president. His dream is a manifestation of his desire to rule a land.

If he runs for the highest position in the U.S. and wins, then he will be the youngest president elected. To date, Theodore Roosevelt is the youngest who became president at 42.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative focuses on health

The tech-savvy father of one and his wife continue their philanthropy. Their recent donation was to establish the Institute for Computational Health Sciences to be run by Atul Butte, a biomedical researcher and University of California at San Francisco professor. The amount of $10 million will be used in research to examine existing, publicly available data to gain insights into health and medicine while keeping the patients’ privacy reports Philanthropy.

Mark Zuckerberg’s focus is on health. He wants to combat diseases in a worldwide scope, especially in third world countries. He is on the right track as health is a pressing concern in the U.S. today.