There are only two possible motivations for the USA politicians to persist in their furtherance of the National Rifle Association's agenda which must be either; extreme stupidity or big, big money. Nothing else makes sense. In a nation reeling from recent mass shootings, US lawmakers voted to allow concealed weapons across State lines, effectively shooting Gun Control efforts at the State level, in the foot.

Yes. There are crazies worldwide.

There are weapons-related accidents and murders worldwide and certainly, gun crazies are not exclusive to the USA.

That said, the USA seems to be the only nation that permits the carrying of weapons to the extreme. This results in it being the only nation where mass shootings are becoming a regular occurrence.

Adam Lankford, a professor at the University of Alabama has produced a number of carefully researched studies debunking the questionable media houses who insist there are mass shootings everywhere in the world, therefore anti gun activists are merely hysterics who should be ignored.

Indeed there are. Google turns up some lulu's but even Google fails to turn up international mass shootings with the regularity that the USA produces.

The Devil is in the numbers detail.

In November 2017, an article in the New York Times by Max Fisher and Josh Keller ran some of the details Prof Lankford's research came up with and it seems the bottom line is that it's a numbers game.

The article quotes from Adam Lankford's study and states "Americans makeup about 4.4 percent of the global population but own 42 percent of the world's guns. From 1966 to 2012, 31 percent of the gunmen in mass shootings worldwide were American."

The article goes on to break it down into simple maths (presumably a failed attempt to assist the lawmakers).

"The United States has 270 million guns and had 90 mass shooters from 1966 to 2012.

No other country has more than 46 million guns or 18 mass shooters."

There it is people - in plain and simple maths - technically speaking there are simply too many guns in the USA.

Infringes on State gun control attempts

According to The Daily Maverick on 12 December 2017, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, herself a victim of an assassination attempt in 2011, has voiced her extreme concern and anxiety about the latest bill, protesting that Congress is taking directions from the "gun lobby". She went on to highlight the danger of this latest bill in that it will override State laws, thereby allowing "dangerous, untrained people to carry guns in every State and every city."

At best it is insanity, at worst it has overridden the rights of individual States to decide and manage gun control on their own home turf.