For many decades there were unfriendly relationships between the US and China because of the ideological differences, the Western countries disliked the Maoist policy. This ideology was seen as aggressive and totalitarian by the US and its allies. Mao Zedong became a totalitarian leader that had zero tolerance with his opponents. Even worse, he sided with North Korea when it fought against the US and its allies. Anyway, many years later there was a complete change of policy in China. The most populated country on the planet and America have become great trading partners the last decades.

The most populated country on the planet has also opened its doors to foreign investors and free enterprise. These changes have been impressive and have created an economic miracle. But what would happen if Kim Jong-un becomes the political Leader Of China? It would be a nightmare for many countries.

A huge increase in the number of soldiers

China has the biggest number of active military personnel, they are 2,260,000. This is about 80% more than in the US and almost three times more than in Russia. But this statistic just gives us part of the information because proportionally the US and Russia have more soldiers. The US would have about 6 million soldiers and Russia would have more than 7 million if they were as populated as China.

But if the Factory of the World would be ruled by the North Korean leader it would have more than 50 million soldiers! The US has 1,373,650 people in active duty and Russia has 798,527 soldiers. North Korea has 945,000 and it barely surpasses 25 million inhabitants while the US has almost 324 million people and Russia has more than 142 million.

The Pyongyang regime has more active personnel in the military than Brazil, Mexico and Bangladesh together, not bad for a country slightly bigger than Cuba.

The Chinese military budget would grow exponentially

The US had a Military Budget of $611 billion in 2016, the Chinese one was $215 billion and the Russian one was almost $70 billion.

The Chinese economy was close to $11 trillion in 2016, this means that the military expenditures are about 2% of the economy. North Korea spends 22% in the military, thus, if China would spend the same percentage, its military budget would be about $2.4 trillion. This is almost four times more than the US military expenditures, thus, there would be a completely new balance of power in the world. Great that Kim Jong-un just rules in a small country.