Germany and the US are both industrial giants with impressive economic indicators, and both countries are among the leaders of the Western world. They export countless products, and they also have successful auto industries. They have been allies for a long time, but lately there have been some misunderstandings between them related to military expenditures, foreign trade, and more. Donald Trump complained that the European Country spends too little on its military. He believes that Germany should allocate at least 2% of their country's revenue to their Military Budget, but both sides do not agree on this matter.

German politicians state they are helping refugees

The German politicians state they have opened the door to more than 1 million refugees from the Middle East. Thus, they maintain global security this way. This European country is much smaller than the US, even smaller than California, but it's helping a lot of people who escape from violence. The powerful German economy is able to assimilate many refugees.

Military expenditures

According to CNN Money, the US military budget is equal to 3.61% of the American economy. All the countries that belong to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, have to spend at least 2% of their economies on the military, but most members violate this rule. Germany spends just 1.2%, and it seems that Germans don't want to spend more because they don't want to increase tensions with Russia.

Doing the math

According to Forbes Magazine, the US spent more than $600 billion in military expenditures last year. Next comes China with $215 billion, and Russia has the third place with more than $69 billion. Germany spent a little more than $41 billion. What would happen if Germany increased its military budget from 1.2% to 2% of the economy?

Its military expenditure would be similar to the Russian one, which could be seen as a challenge. Both countries were fierce enemies in the Second World War.

How much money could the US save?

If Germany and other European countries increase their military expenditures, the US would save a lot. If the US military budget were just 2% of the economy, it would be around $370 billion.

It would be equal to more than $200 billion in savings. At a certain moment, Trump insinuated that if NATO members don't spend 2% of their economies in the military budget, the US wouldn't help them if they are attacked.