America has imposed sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies that have helped North Korea develop nuclear weapons. These measures come after the UN Security Council voted for more sanctions against Pyongyang. The American Treasury stated that these sanctions will Increase The Pressure on the government of Kim Jong-un.

While the Chinese government is angry about the U.S. sanctions, Rex Tillerson, the U.S. Secretary of State, praised North Korea for the level of restraint that it has shown the last days. He said that North Korea had no missile launches since the adoption of the resolution by the UN Security Council.

He believes this will improve the relationships between communist Korea and the U.S .in the future.

Isolating the regime of Kim Jong-un

According to the BBC Canada, The American Office of Foreign Assets Control named six individuals and ten companies that will be affected by the sanctions. Steven Mnuchin, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, stated that the U.S. government will increase the pressure on Pyongyang by targeting the people that support the development of nuclear and missile programs. These people and companies will be isolated from the U.S. financial system. This means that American companies and individuals no longer have the right to make business with the companies involved with North Korea.

China wants the U.S. to correct what the Chinese think is a mistake.

North Korea and aggressive behavior

The Pyongyang regime made several missile tests in the last months, which worsened relationships with America. The Noth Korean government even threatened to out carry the sixth test of a nuclear weapon. The government of Kim Jong-un dislikes the military drills made by the U.S.

and South Korea every year and even threatened to launch missiles near the American island of Guam. The American President answered that North Korea would have to face "fire and fury" such as the world has never seen.

Propaganda video

There is a North Korean video where Donald Trump is near a cemetery which is supposed to be in Guam.

Mike Pence, the American vice-president, is pictured engulfed in flames. But the comments made by Rex Tillerson seem to be improving the relationships between the U.S. and North Korea. He believes this is the beginning of a new era in bilateral relationships, and hopefully, this will result in dialogue. However, a North Korean diplomat speaking at a disarmament conference in Geneva, stated that the development of weapons is a justifiable and legitimate option for self-defense.