Last night Nintendo finally released the Splat Brella, which is a close-range shotgun, based weapon that can fire from low to mid range. The weapon also features an umbrella shield that can block multiple projectiles and bombs. It can also be used to perform a running charge, as you can fire the umbrella off to confuse opponents or to get better ground on your opponents. I got a chance to try it out last night and decided to give my overall impressions on the weapon, and what you could use it for.

How is the weapon overall?

You can buy it right now in Inkopolis Square, the main thing about this weapon are its defensive capabilities.

It already has a nice main weapon attachment for turf war or tower control; you are able to take a lot of force with the umbrella shield add-on as you can use it to block incoming fire from all around. Your enemies are going to have a hard time getting past Its defenses because; they have to get around your shield which is hard enough as is with two people try four. While that's happening, you can use the time to get teammates over to your location or take the time to think of your next course of action. If you hold the shield down for more than two seconds, it releases a charge that you can follow behind or sneak around to ambush your enemy.

The Splat Brella has a sub weapon called the sprinkler; this acts as a mini turret which spreads the ink around in a short surface radius.

This isn't as strong as other sub weapons in its class, but it provides lots of support to help move around the map and for quick escapes. It also features an ink storm special which shoots a cloud balloon in the direction you fire in and drops pellets of ink to cover a wide area. This weapon has a good kit and list of abilities that make it stand out from the rest; I would use it more for turf wars as the defense and close-combat abilities make it unique in style.

Is the Splat Brella worth a splat?

The Splat Brella currently as of writing this article has 65 damage, 60 durabilities, 43 range. From my testing of this weapon, I found that it performs very well up close so if you like being up close and personal this might be a good choice for you.

The Splat Brella, in my opinion, is hard to get a hang of if you like using fast weapons or sniper rifles.

I'm used to using weapons like the Areospray which has a relatively high rpm (rate per second) Not to say I did not like the Splat Brella, I enjoyed using it you might feel different using the weapon if you fall under the categories I mentioned. You can try out the Splat Brella in Sheldon's store test area if you don't want to buy it right away, you can also test the weapon in story mode they allow you to use a wide variety of weapons from his store in missions.

The last way you can do a test run without buying it first is salmon run; salmon run is a 4v4 raid style game-type that switches your weapons between your team-members each round. Each raid players get four weapons that switch from round to round there is a good chance you could use the weapon there as well. If you would like to see some gameplay of this weapon click here.