Splatoon 2” has just arrived and fans are already busy playing the multiplayer mode. While this entry acts as a sequel, most mechanics are taken from the first game. Those who played the Wii U version will feel right at home, but players who have yet to try the series will be a bit lost during their early hours in the game. With that being said, here are a few Tips to help you get started in “Splatoon 2.”

Know your weapon types

According to GeekDad, most of the weapons in the game fall under two categories: Rollers and Shooters. A good portion of "Splatoon 2" usually links to Turf Wars where two teams try and cover most of the ground with their specific-colored ink.

With that being said, rollers are usually best for trying to paint the area with your ink as they cover a good amount of space. While some shooter weapons can do the same thing, they’re also great for taking out enemies on the field. With fewer opponents roaming around, your team can cover more ground and gain a temporary advantage before they respawn.

Turf wars don’t depend on the K/D ratio

While there’s a certain feeling of success when you take out an enemy, remember that your priority in Turf Wars is to cover as much land with your ink. There’s no point in killing so many enemies only to realize that you hardly inked the ground. Take the time to go around the field and cover unpainted areas with your weapons.

If you’re faced with an enemy, don’t be afraid to fight back if you have to. However, keep your goal in mind and prioritize and splatting the area as much as possible.

Cover the middle ground

During Turf Wars, you should prioritize heading to the middle of the field. Each map is pretty symmetrical which gives players a chance to cover their side of the area before duking it out in the center of the stage.

You’ll be running across your enemies here often so you should be careful about how you cover the area. There’s no shame in escaping, especially if you’re cornered by two or more enemies.

Don’t forget to reload

You don’t have to look and grab ammo in “Splatoon 2” to reload. Instead, just turn into squid form and dive into the ink that has your respective color.

During the heat of the match, many players often forget to reload and end up unarmed when facing against enemies or when they’re cornered in enemy ink. Moreover, keep in mind that you need a certain amount of ink if you plan to use a bomb. Take a few seconds to turn into a squid as every inch of ink counts.