If China would do their part and get their wayward stepchild, North Korea, under control, then perhaps America and her allies would not feel the need to play so many “War Games” in their backyard. China and North Korea might not like us actively defending ourselves and our allies but they are going to need to get accustomed to it. If they are determined to threaten America, the future is not going to look good for anyone in the world.

From North Korea’s cold dead hands?

Trying to look at things from Jong-un’s perspective, I do understand the need that smaller countries have to possess nuclear weapons.

In my opinion, it is not much different than the gun question. The question I am speaking of is this: If other people are going to have guns, and we know little to nothing about them, then should we not all have the right to own guns in the event we might need to defend against them? Or if someone is running up and down the street threatening people with a gun, should not everyone be able to defend themselves in such a situation?

There are believed to be 16,300 nuclear weapons spread out among nine countries; Russia, United States, France, China, UK, Pakistan, India, Israel, and now North Korea. The bulk of the 16,300 are possessed by Russia at 7,000 and the United States at 6.800.

China needs to parent their child, North Korea

The conflict occurs when the leader of any country continues threatening other countries with mass destruction, as we have seen Kim Jong-un do. We didn’t let Saddam Hussein get away with threatening his own citizens or using weapons of mass destruction of them so why should we be expected to do nothing when Jong-un threatens us?

China - you can’t just sit by and do nothing while your misbehaving adopted stepchild is threatening violence against millions of people. What you should be doing is saving yourself the shame of seeing a foreign country put your stepchild down like a lame horse, and ‘handle your business’.

America has its own petulant child to handle

Our country doesn’t have the time to babysit your child. We have one of our very own at this moment occupying the Oval Office. It’s enough trouble to keep up with our own child’s bumbling scr*w ups.

Until such time as either Jong-un suddenly decides to be civil or amicable, or China decides to do their job and reign in the brat, well - we’ll just go ahead and keep playing our little war games. It’s important that our allies know that we are going to be there for them with the full force of our military might if that needs to be the case.