Classics are making a comeback and fans are excited to see continuations of their favorite childhood science-fiction films. CGI and higher quality cinematography are not the only things that are being brought by these series, but also cheesier storylines and amateur, B-horror scenes are ruining what could have been a beautiful way to continue classic films.

Senseless character behaviors

In Alien Covenant,” the year is 2104 and we are seeing the colonization ship en route to Origae-6, a habitable planet with features similar to Earth that has already been previously surveyed and given the OK for humans to colonize.

Sure, things didn’t go too smoothly on the journey but we have a new captain who decides to visit the location of a frequency playing a popular Earth song, which means going to a completely different planet.

But apparently, this inappropriate action of a captain is acceptable as, in its prequel, Prometheus, the scientists thought it’d be fine to take off their helmets in a foreign atmosphere.

Science fiction has it all wrong

In reality, a captain would never give orders to go to a different planet than the one the mission was ordered for. Scientists would go through quarantine regardless of getting Alien matter on their spacesuits, and they certainly wouldn’t smoke cigars and get drunk when they’ve just landed on a planet.

The most disappointing part of “Alien: Covenant” was one of the ending scenes, in which the audience sees some crewmen getting hot in a steaming shower, only to fall victim to an unfamiliar life form on the ship, and ooh! I think I just saw some boobs!

Really? Ridley Scott is known for wonderful movies, and none of the preceding films had to resort so low as to flash a boob.

Imagine "Friday the 13th" but with Alien. We see the chest of a woman right before she gets killed. It completely discredited the quality of the movie and was ultimately a worthless scene. If you’re going to add some nudity, make it less corny and more relevant to the film as a whole. Maybe other face-hugger lovers are cool with these additions to the current films, but Alien fans should be wary of the lack of intelligence that doesn't coincide with the previous movies.

But studios have to make a great film

There are ways to implement realistic procedures and policies for those going into space travel. Most of all basic common sense is required. As well as common sense the majority of scientists have the ability to follow prior training to a mission. This should be incorporated into the movie if it is to be a great science-fiction film and still follow the plot-line.

“The Martian” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” follow, for the most part, realistic behaviors of scientists and space travelers, but still make wonderful films. Sure, those films don’t have aliens and droids with feelings, but there is nothing wrong with adding a few realistic touches to the film to make it more believable and – quite frankly – more frightening.