It is heartening to know that the United States will soon see the end of climate change even though President Donald Trump has confirmed that America has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement. The term will probably be replaced with words that are less harsh. That is what the Agriculture Department officials are trying to resolve – they want to redefine climate change with more soothing descriptions like "weather extremes." However, the mere coining of a new term cannot remove the ill effects of the phenomenon.

Can climate change be wished away?

CNN reports that employees of the Natural Resources Conservation Service are trying to avoid using the term "Climate Change" and substitute it with "Weather Extremes." Similar action could be taken for terms like greenhouse gases etcetera that are related to this apparently sensitive subject.

President Donald Trump has always treated climate change as a non-issue and questioned the findings of the scientific community on the real impact of global warming and its associated repercussions. He has expressed his disagreement by pulling the United States out of the Paris accord. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency is believed to be on the job to roll back earlier regulations pertaining to limits on carbon dioxide emissions.

The agency has clarified that coining new terms to describe climate change is not being done at the insistence of the Trump administration.

Climate change must be tackled

According to an official of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) priorities have changed after the change of guard in the White House. The priority of the previous administration with regard to this subject is not the same as that of the present administration.

He has described the emerging trend of new terms as a shift in messaging and not a change in mission. The NRCS is a part of the Agriculture Department and its purpose is to interact with farmers on various topics from finance to conservation.

It is evident that the present administration harbors different views and has separate yardsticks to define climate change.

While dissociating from the Paris accord, Donald Trump had said that it was not beneficial to the United States and had also indicated that he could have a relook at the accord if it was modified to suit the U.S.

Scientists have been analyzing the gradual change in the behavior of the climate over the years by referring to satellite images and delving into past records. They have taken note of a new pattern that is coming to the forefront and are sending out strong signals to the global community that all is not well. Global warming is leading to the melting of glaciers, forest fires, flash floods etcetera and the message is clear - the root cause must be controlled otherwise it will be difficult for life to survive on this planet.