In the same week that a Tennessee Congressman promised to introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, a Missouri state senator said that she hoped that Trump would be assassinated. In response to State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal's tweet, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens demanded on Friday that the State Senate remove Chapelle-Nadal from office when it returns from summer break on September 13, 2017. If Chappelle-Nadal does not resign before the State Senate resumes, the governing body will have the option of voting to remove her from office.

Meant no harm

Senator Chappelle-Nadal has stated that she meant no harm to Trump or anybody else in the comments that she made in her tweet. The Senator also said that she had no intentions of inciting anybody to harm anyone. She stated that she was frustrated with Trump's comments after the tragic events in Charlottesville, Va. last Saturday in which a 32-year-old female counter-protester, Heather Heyer, was mowed down by a white supremacist and two Virginia state troopers were killed in a helicopter crash while searching for the suspect, James Alex Fields, 20, of Ohio.

On Friday, the Senator told the Associated Press, "I had no intentions of hurting anyone or trying to get other people to hurt anyone at all," according to ABC News on Saturday.

However, Greitens says that she nevertheless needs to go and that if she does not resign, that the Missouri State Senate needs to remove her.

Will not resign

Chappelle-Nadal tweeted that she will not resign. She also stated in her tweet that she will "sit down" and talk with the White House if and when People of Color are respected.

The Senator stated that she will do the "real work" with others at that time. She concluded her tweet by reiterating that "people were traumatized" by the Charlottesville tragedies. The Secret Service currently is investigating Chappelle-Nadal's tweet.

Phoenix Mayor: Trump don't come

Meanwhile, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has asked Trump to forego his plans to conduct a campaign-style rally in Phoenix next Tuesday.

Stanton does not feel that Phoenix is ready for a Trump visit so soon after the Charlottesville tragedies. It is alleged that Trump may be planning to pardon convicted racist and crook, Former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 85. Stanton is concerned about the ramifications that could emanate from such a pardon, most of which would extend well beyond Phoenix.

Four Presidential assassinations

In our country's history, four Presidents have been assassinated: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy. Most people who were seven years of age or older when Kennedy was assassinated can recall exactly what they were doing, where they were and how they reacted when they heard the news of his Assassination.

That day and the events that followed it were extremely traumatic for the entire country and the world. The United States is a republic and an experiment in democracy. We must pursue democratic means of settling our differences. Violence of any kind, or the solicitation of violence, is not acceptable in any way, shape or form in a republic or in a democracy.