Nowhere was the flailing, desperate sinking of a visionless Democratic Party more on display than during Monday’s "MSNBC Morning Joe" edition that focused on the democrats’ political plunge from power under former Pres. Barack Obama and his cohorts in Congress.

“Well, the national Democratic Party, as you know, is defined as a bicoastal party and not as a national party,” said Dan Balz, the Washington Post’s chief correspondent. “It’s strong on the coasts and the leadership tends to come from the coast and the message comes from the coasts.

That doesn’t play as well through many of the states up for grabs in 2017, 2018 — 2018 in particular.”

Bicoastal maybe, coastal, no

Perhaps Blalz is ignorant of the politics of many “coastal” states - i.e. Florida, South Carolina, Texas and so on - not exactly hot-beads of Democratic support. Indeed, this painful admission from the mouth of liberal media echoes the results of the last three national elections, specifically the elections of 2010, 2014 and 2017. Sure, Democrats retained the White House right up until Hillary Clinton’s spectacular campaign crash in November - but what was really going on in the country, where it counts?

Under Obama’s eight-year reign, the Democrats’ losses were staggering and historic.

Seventy-six House seats disappeared, handing a major victory to Republicans, as well as 13 Senate seats, the equivalent of reclaiming the queen in a game of chess, when one considers the Democratic Party’s White House tenure was next to fall.

Under Obama, Reid, and Pelosi - massive losses

While Democrats, under Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi sliced and diced segments of American society into competing hate groups in an effort to turn the country against its self to benefit the party, their liberal leadership remained tone deaf and politically blind enough to miss the whole point.

In the big picture, rank-and-file Americans simply want to pursue racial harmony, justice, and relative prosperity under the shield of strong and independent sovereignty. Americans want the freedom and liberty to pursue greatness to the extent we, as individuals, are able to achieve individual and societal goals. To that end, Republicans have always been in favor of clean air and a healthy environment, including clean water and sustainable energy programs despite what network nightly news hosts imply.

Democrats, on the other hand, want power at any cost, and for a short period of time, they enjoyed that veto-proof fusion during Obama's tenure. Unfortunately, they horrifically abused the privilege and today the Democratic Party stands naked and exposed, not even able to define what it stands for.

Republicans win as media peddles Russia collusion

While liberals in mainstream media continue to shamelessly peddle Russia collusion stories in hopes of changing the outcome of last year's election, there is in the heart of America, a grassroots movement that rejects the keyboard-tapping pundits of the left, and with a vengeance. For sure, this is not about Pres. Donald Trump or Barack Obama: it is an American revolution that transcends Black Panthers, the Ku Klux Klan and the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Democrats sell hate for votes

Today’s Democratic Party is the racist embodiment of a divided and conquered element of America’s past – the womb of separatism and victimhood. The Democratic Party and their allies in media's game-plan for inciting and promoting group hatred in exchange for mindless loyalty has been rejected, dramatically rejected, by the American people. It will take time, but we will work together to make this nation stronger as we assimilate into an even greater culture over the coming years, politics notwithstanding.