The $10,000 fine for Ian Kinsler appears to be a direct response to comments he made about umpire Angel Hernandez. The umpire made some questionable calls in a Tigers game, and Kinsler was not happy with the results. He disparaged Hernandez, but this is not the first time a player has done so. The MLB front office did something to discipline Kinsler, and the umpires revolted. It is important to remember that the Major League Baseball landscape is rife with people who are upset with the state of officiating, and this is not a change from the status quo.

Kinsler is not the first

Ian Kinsler is not the first person to be upset with an umpire, but he is one of the first to become the center of a targeted protest by the umpires. They started wearing wristbands to protest the fact that he was not suspended, and they were not happy with a delay in any punishment he would have been given. The punishment comes down to appease the umpires, but it may not be enough to make them happy.

The umpires still have a gripe

If I were an umpire, I would not want to let it go after this one fine. The MLB front office may need to come up with a uniform fine and suspension structure that will help them control how people are punished, and they could use that to keep everyone happy with the way players are handled.

Rob Manfred would do more to engender confidence from the players and umpires if everyone knew the rules, and they would anticipate how those rules would be enforced.

Better performance would help

MLB umpires must perform better during the course of the season if they wish to cast aside the allegations that they are not living up to their expectations.

Someone who has trouble with the performance of umpires in the MLB must look at their very powerful union for help. The union allows umpires to stay in the game, and there are many different people who will find that the umpires union has better standing than the players. The players make the game, and they deserve to have their game called in the proper manner without any real prejudice.

Kinsler could have been the example

Kinsler could have been the example that Major League Baseball needed, and he could have been suspended for some time. He could have started a new style of discipline in the game, and there are many people who wish to have the game played on a gentleman's level. Kinsler should have been suspended long enough to start a new program for umpire protection.