I don’t think Jeff Sessions hides it as well as he thinks he does. The weasel of a man is clearly a bigot. It was alleged under oath that he called a civil rights lawyer, “A disgrace to his race,” and called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) “un-American.” Not only is he a bigot, he is also ignorant about basic evolutionary science. The concept of separate human ‘races’ is, well...it’s just stupid. And for someone elected to government office, that level of backward thinking ignorance is appalling. It’s pretty clear that Sessions thinks that it’s ok to discriminate against people because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Either he really is incredibly stupid or he is conniving and petty. It looks to me like he suffers from both the former and the latter.

Jeff Sessions wants a racist theocracy

In 2015 when The Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples, under the Constitution, have a right to marry, Jeff issued a statement in which he said that The Supreme Court had “redefined a sacred and ancient institution,” that it was “arrogant” to “pretend” that The Supreme Court knew more than all the voters in the 50 states and, “the men and women whose convictions have defined the course of western civilization.” He went on to claim that the five seated judges of The Supreme Court were attempting to “secularize” the country “by force and intimidation.”

It is clear to see that Jeff Sessions thinks that the United States is a theocracy based on his beliefs and his values alone.

He doesn’t understand how freedom of religion works or he apparently thinks that the majority of Americans believe exactly as he does. I suppose he has the right to think what he wants. He also has a right to try, in any legal way possible, to inflict his bigotry and theocratic lunacy on the entire nation. And the rest of us, that are scientifically literate and do agree that church and state should be separate, are duty bound to stop people like Jeff Sessions at every opportunity.

Equal rights are human rights

Jeff, equality is equality, whether or not you are white, brown, black, female, gay, straight, a pothead or you like playing dress up in front of the mirror. Equal rights are human rights. It is a constitutional violation of those rights to discriminate against a human being who is exercising and enjoying their freedoms in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

It does not matter if those doing it are black, brown, white, look like women, men transitioning to women, or are filled with holes, tattoos, and metal jewelry. They are human. They are still entitled to those human rights. It doesn’t even matter if they are a small-minded, fear-filled, weak-willed, petty bigot, such as yourself, they are still entitled to those rights under The Constitution. I’m sure, as a lawyer, you can and will find a loophole that allows you to discriminate indiscriminately, but In my estimation, that just makes you a disgusting human being. You would never get my vote.

The founders of our country envisioned one where people from all walks of life could live free in peace and harmony. Nowhere in The Constitution of The United States did it say, “this only applies to people that believe the right thing and look the right way.” That would just be stupid, now wouldn’t it Jeff?