Welcome, Gemini! In today’s daily CareerScope for Gemini, we will discuss focus and professional time. The stars reveal that you need to deal with one thing at a time right now. Let's see what Astrologer Megan Wilson has written for today:

What to expect

In order to easily understand things today Gemini, you must dissect them and break them down into the smallest bits of layman's terms. At present, your ability to logically compartmentalize with your mind is at the top of its game, so now is the time to solve all of those difficult things that had you confused all along.

It may be very difficult for you to pay attention at work today. It's not that you haven't rested or have no energy, but the true cause is that you are in a state of confusion. It won't be a good idea to make decisions of importance at this moment, so these should be put off to another time when your mind is clearer and you can focus better on the task at hand. Younger Geminis may have a less difficult time as the stars will guide them and they have the natural ability to know things without fully understanding why. They have good ideas on the Stock Exchange and may make brilliant decisions for other types of purchases and transactions.

You may find yourself being surprised by the actions of a particular colleague who may have seemed to have “turned” against you when you thought he was on the same team as you are, and suddenly directs his attentions to the other team members.

But what you must realize, Gemini, is that, although it may appear that way, not everything is as it appears to be. He may be in collusion with other teammates to help the same cause as you and to meet the same goals but, because of your mindset today, it may seem as though he is against you. But never mind that, at the end of it all, you and your colleagues are, after all, on the same wavelength.

How to get through your day

In order to become better acquainted with machines and equipment used in your chosen career, it would be a fantastic idea to get yourself out to where the information is widely available and exhibited publicly. Attending various workshops can help you to gain a better understanding and therefore increase your chances for success in your chosen field.

Those business cards you've been holding on to would come in handy to build up your contact list and boost your career, dear Gemini. New contacts, especially, can become new future clients, so don't be close-minded to accepting the company of new people who may potentially boost your career or business. Go out and meet them, let them know who you are and what you do, give them your information and get theirs in return, these actions will give you the best results and increase your time professionally.

Today’s daily CareerScope for Gemini is at an end. I do hope this reading will lead you in the right direction and you will join me here for tomorrow's Daily CareerScope reading.