isaiah thomas must be relieved to be going to the Cavaliers after getting traded by the Celtics. He was given the indication that they were ready to move on from him, and now he is going to a Cleveland team that wants to have him for at least one year. If I were him, I would be pleased because it would give me many more chances to succeed in a contract year. Cavs fans should be happy knowing that this man will play his hardest in the upcoming season, and they may be able to hold onto him if LeBron leaves.

Cleveland is ideal for him

Cleveland is ideal for Isaiah because he needs to be in a place where he can show off his every talent without any real reservation.

He is the kind of person who is trying to make a name for himself in the league, and he is a smaller guy who has to fight for everything that he gets. Going to Cleveland means that LeBron will feed him the ball, and he will have many more chances to improve his game over the course of the year.

Boston got so much better

I have already said that Boston got so much better, and it was worth it to them to have Irving and Hayward on the same team. That is a powerful duo that is coached by a fine young coach in Bradley Stevens, and those two players could score 50 points a game without even a thought. Irving is a much stronger scorer, and Harvard has improved his game to the point that he could be a much less objectionable LeBron-type for Irving.

Irving may feel like he is back playing in Cleveland, but he will be fed the ball by someone who does not have his posse around all the time.

The Cavaliers are preparing for the future

The Cavaliers are ready for the future now that they have all the assets they have picked up from the Celtics. They can rebuild quickly when LeBron leaves, and they could be a relevant team.

I do not believe they will be very competitive in the east, but they will be good enough. They can use these players and picks to make choices that will improve their franchise immensely. It would be so much simpler for this team to succeed because they have been given the tools to rebuild. LeBron left them with no tools last time.

This time, they have planned ahead because Irving did not want to be there.

Everybody wins

The Celtics are set up for the next decade, and the Cavaliers can rebuild at the end of the season. The team that got the best player wins the trade, but the Cavaliers will likely win other trades in the future now that they have something to work with that was not there before.