According to an article by The Daily Caller, the Charlottesville, Va. clash was due to a Robert E. Lee statue. However, the truth has it that the whole State of Virginia, from border to border, was named after the Lady that introduced slavery to America. The report goes on to say that Queen Elizabeth the first, coined as "the virgin queen," was the one that brought slavery to the US. Her queenship lasted from 1533 to 1603. She was a big supporter of broadening the English slave trade, so she brought the idea over the Atlantic.

Why should ANTIFA care?

The group "Anti-Fascist" (Antifa) pride themselves on claiming that they stand against any ideology they deem “problematic.” This includes anything that they don't agree with. Racism is a problem in America that needs to be stopped. To many on the right and the left, slavery is considered racist. This is true, however, if ANTIFA claims to be the "defenders of truth," then why not wage war on the state where slavery started? ANTIFA members toppled over a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., Monday, and threatened anyone who got in their way. They attacked the statue as if it were a live human being. Could that be considered insanity?

Why erase our history?

Over the centuries, armies have conquered countries and destroyed their historical monuments.

In my opinion, that by itself is insanity. Here is why: By destroying historical monuments, we are causing the next generations to forget where we came from.

If we forget where we came from, how can we avoid returning back to our original state? That reminds me of a quote I have always heard. "History always repeats itself." For the most part, that quote has proven to be the truth.

History has repeated itself in more ways than one.

So, if we eliminate where we came from, we often return back again. To move forward, we have to embrace the past, understand it, and only then can we proceed to the future. Here is a thought, let's all educate ourselves on our history and stop fighting amongst ourselves. Freedom of speech is under attack in America today.

The ideology is: "If you think differently than me, I must silence you." The actual definition of Diversity is accepting differences in religion, race, political views, and yes, a difference of opinion. Until we jump that fence, we cannot grow as a society, and we cannot move forward.

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