Instead of building a wall why don’t we build bridges? We could help our neighbors in Mexico by aiding their economy and helping strengthen their infrastructure.We could help by supporting their education so that one day their children will be able to get a good enough education without having to migrate from their homes.

With a little help from our friends

We could aid our brothers and sisters in protecting their borders because protecting those borders is essentially protecting our own. We could be humane and conscientious regarding our neighbors to the South, and we could all benefit as a result.

We spend billions on "beefing up" a military arsenal that is already plenty beefy. Why not instead invest in our neighbors internal and external defense? When our world is rapidly heating up, is it not passed time that we all just got along? And is a bundle of sticks still not stronger than one alone?

Unenforceable expectations

Why spend millions or billions on a wall that will scar the landscape without deterring Illegal Immigration hardly at all? If you want to change that human behavior, help them get what they are working so hard for. Only the really weak of mind will not concede that they are clearly willing to work.

Why not invest in their education? Why not aid them in fortifying their own defenses?

Since their borders are essentially ours, separating us from the rest of the world. Why not help them to defend it? If were help our neighbors to be prosperous would they not then come to our aid in future times of need?

Conservative or coward?

Does it not make a nation seem incredibly weak and simple-minded that the only way they can manage to stave off illegal immigration is by building a wall which will ultimately only be a gesture?

I am pretty sure that a strong country is thus because of that country’s ability to reach out to weaker nations and help them out, without being petty, cruel or aloof.

The building of a wall only reflects the weak, fearful, racist, bigoted, xenophobic section of our population. Those of us that are opposed to it, and we are many, are the exact opposite.

We wish to reach out to anyone that needs aid

Your tired, your weak, your huddled masses

Emma Lazarus wrote the sonnet from which came the statement,”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” She was writing the sonnet to help raise funds for the pedestal on which Lady Liberty was to rest. Take note that Liberty wasn’t in place yet. It was later decided after her death to memorialize her poem on the statue itself.

It was decided because that is what our country stands for; liberty, and justice for all.

The term “liberty” is derived from the root word, liber, meaning free(man). It is interesting to note that the term liberal also has the same root. Liberty is defined as the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s life, behavior or, politics.

Merriam Webster defines liberal as; marked by generosity, open-handed. Liberal would seem to be what a liberated person would be for those not yet liberated. Sort of like reaching out of the lifeboat to lend a hand to others in need. It would seem to me that to think or act otherwise in a free country is the height of cowardice.

The opposite of liberal is conservative. Not surprisingly, in more ways than one, it parallels Frodo and Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings.