The Philadelphia Eagles are close to being a playoff team, but they are not quite there yet. We have all seen incredible progress from Carson Wentz, but they are tucked in a division where the other two great teams will likely take playoff spots. So, what should we look for this season from this team? The Eagles will give us a show that you cannot imagine, and you will be surprised when you realize they are nipping at the heels of the Cowboys or the Giants.

Wentz is a factor

Carson Wentz was drafted so that he could lead this team, and I believe that he will do so quite well.

He could lead the offense a little bit more, push them a little bit more, and score a few more points. That could equal a 9-7 record that would be just below the Giants and the Cowboys. There are many people who think that Ezekiel Elliott could stay suspended for six games, and that leaves the Cowboys with a lesser offense to start the season. If they were to start poorly, they could leave the door open for the Eagles.

But the Giants and Cowboys are too good

The Giants and the Cowboys are still better teams. Someone who is trying to handicap the season must trust that the offensive line of Dallas will give Dak Prescott time, and they will score enough points to have a respectable record. There are a number of situations in which the Eagles will be fighting with the second place team in the division for the wild card spot they would win.

I think the Eagles could make things interesting, and we could find out how clutch Carson Wentz is. He is a strong player, and he could have enough gumption to drag his team to a successful playoff berth. I do not think it will happen, but I believe that it could happen.

They need time

The Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz combination with the Eagles is enough to make the team solid for many years to come.

Allowing the team to grow with the same coach and quarterback will make them stronger for the future, and they will begin to overtake the Giants at the end of Eli Manning's career. That would be an interesting transition as the future Hall of Famer is overtaken by the young kid who went to college at North Dakota State. It would be amazing to see such a thing, and it would turn the NFC East into a different kind of two-team division with Prescott in Dallas.

Eagles fans should be happy that their team is growing in the right way. We always want our favorite teams to win, but I think they need another year before they are legitimately competing for the NFC East.