After a stressful day at work, there is nothing I want more but to go home and splurge to my favorite Bolognese pasta followed by a Belgian chocolate ice cream. Eating Comfort Food otherwise known as stress eating is one of the known coping mechanisms for stress and, while this may bring us instant relief, this is not a healthy way of managing stress. It disrupts our metabolic pattern and adds unnecessary calories on our diet.

Resorting to comfort foods

Ever wonder why so many of us resort to comfort food whenever we are stressed, sad or angry? Comfort food brings a feeling of deep longing in the past hence transporting us to the old days where we experience the joy of eating mom’s home cooked meal.

Who would not want a steaming chicken soup on a rainy day or a freshly baked muffin after a hard day’s work? Unfortunately, with our fast-paced life, it is impossible to prepare and cook those sumptuous meals. Psychologically, comfort foods provide a feeling of security and warmth just like our childhood. Since home cooked meals are far from reach, we tend to take foods that are high in calorie content. High caloric intake may have effects to the chemicals in our brain. Chocolate, for example, has been proven to help release endorphin and serotonin, the chemicals responsible for feeling happy and positive.

Healthy options

Now, comfort foods do not have to be always sinful, and there are a lot of varieties of food that are equally delicious but healthy.

Instead of grabbing chocolate, why not opt for a banana? This fruit is not just healthy but is also widely known for its anti-depressant properties. Not to add it is high in potassium which is good for heart functions and blood pressure regulation. If cravings are just insatiable then perhaps a good old apple pie will do the trick.

This old age recipe is packed with proteins and carbohydrates which will make you feel alive after a grueling day. Fruits are not your only choices, mac and cheese could also be a good choice by tweaking it a little bit. Using pasta made out of wheat or vegetable will surely bring a different taste to the palate, and if you are creative enough, you may just rediscover the foods that we love to eat.

So if you ever felt you wanted to release some stress through eating then choose the right food. Who says comfort food cannot be both healthy and delicious? The net is offering a wide array of recipes, and we just have to be wise with our choices and, brave enough to try out new things. Now, just couple healthy eating with proper exercise and we are on our way not just to sexier but healthier body.