Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy when it comes to race issues, and this pardon of the known racist Sheriff Arpaio has made his relationship with minorities even more challenging. Trump's racism is very known in his hometown New York City where he refused to rent apartments to black people in Brooklyn and Queens. In 1989 there was a case where five minorities (4 black and 1 Latino) were accused of raping a girl in Central Park which is how they got the name Central Park 5. Trump followed the case very closely, and he ran an ad in the local New York newspapers saying "we've got to bring back the death penalty."

The Birther Issue

Trump started off his political career by saying that the first ever-black President Barack Obama wasn't from the United States.

The claim caught backlash from mainstream media because everybody knows that if Obama were another white President in the oval office, he would not have his birthplace and religion questioned. Everyone, In fact, conservative cable Fox News anchors like Sean Hannity were asking Obama why he didn’t release the birth certificate and didn’t criticize the claim. Obama in April 2011 finally released the birth certificate, and he taunted Trump in front of everyone at the now infamous Correspondents Dinner where Seth Meyers also got a chance to crack jokes at Trump.

The Charlottesville Reaction

Donald Trump's response to Charlottesville is what minorities expected because of Trump's history on race issues.

In the first response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia Trump said there were "many sides" to the problem in the protest. This showed people that Trump has no sympathy for the minorities and Jews in the situation. Trump did rebound two days later when he called out white supremacy and bigot views of those who don't like minorities.

Trump has to prove to minorities he's not racist.

Trump's Pardon of Arpaio

The pardon of the former Sheriff Arpaio shouldn't surprise anyone who is aware of the racist tendencies of Trump. What he is saying to minorities around the country is “I don't care about your feelings I'm going to do what I want.” Trump got an unexpected 29 percent of Latinos to vote for him last November, so if you’re a part of that 29 percent are you regretting that you voted for Trump? Arpaio is also a co birther against Barack Obama in fact; Trump tweeted in 2012 that he was happy Arpaio was looking into the birth certificate, which Trump called fraudulent for five years.