A popular phrase from the movie "Spy Kids" is "Floop is a madman help us save us, Floop is a madman help us save us. Increasingly this same thing is being said because of number 45. With all due respect, Donald Trump is a madman and Americans need help in order to be saved from him, rather than being thrown under the bus.

The shame of the Trump presidency

All American presidents have had their detractors, but Donald Trump has brought such shame to the oval office, and it continues with each day he is allowed to remain in office. His fans continue to say give him time, but with each passing moment, he places this country in more danger from Korea and also from white supremacists, the KKK and Neo Nazi's.There has been nothing but hate and vitriol increasing in the United States since November.

In "Spy Kids" Floop kidnapped secret agents and turned them into cartoon characters, whose cry for freedom was "Floop is a madman help us save us." Donald Trump is turning the U.S. into a caricature of its former self, and Americans are looking like clowns and cartoon characters. The people continue to shout "Trump is a madman, help us save us," but the powers that be are hesitant to do anything about it.

The 25Th Amendment is being talked about but nothing is actually being done. On CNN Sunday morning Sanjay Gupta had several guests who spoke about it, but again no strategy has been put in place to see that this is carried out. In the meantime, Steve Bannon can take insider secrets to his Al-right associations, This is truly a sad day in American indeed.

Talk is cheap when dealing with a madman

Donald Trump ascended to the highest office in the land, and with him came his narrow-minded views of life. He said John McCain was not a hero because he got caught. This is very telling and lets Americans know that our leader only thinks highly of those who have succeeded by his viewpoints.

This past week, Trump has allowed the world to see who he really is regarding race relations. He continues to play to his core base, which is the far-right racists like David Duke.

The Donald has seemingly forgotten that he was elected to govern all American citizens, and has no shame in allowing the majority to know he is not for them.

Floop is a madman and someone needs to make sure that he is removed from office very soon.Talk is cheap and the United States is a place where racial tensions are high. we need to stop listening to politicians and journalists discussing the mental status of number 45. Someone who has the power needs to save us from the Trump effect.